Wall of Gratitude

Our Wall of Gratitude

The BEST and Most BEAUTIFUL things in the WORLD cannot be SEEN or even TOUCHED. They must be FELT with the HEART. - Helen Keller

This is a tribute to our donors who listened to their heart and have supported Passion Voice's "From Heartbreak to Heaven".

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Alex Axelroad

Wendy Bleiler

Paul Bonini

Mark Brandes

Greg Brown

Dennis Brown

Joan Capurro

Christine Carlson

Kathleen Cavalier

Sharon Cook

Tracy Cordes

Crossroads Church

Jessica Cruz

Doug Herfurth

Julio Dautrich

Karin Dent

Joan Emm

Lisa Evans

Virginia Felch

Ferdy Neubauer

Shirley & Brent Fernehough

James Fidelibus

Andrew Finkle

Kelli Foster

Sally Garbarino

Jane Gianino

Sam Gray

Marie Greunke

Mark Grosvenor

Ally Hicks

Harvey Henningsen

Douglas Roy Herfurth

Ally Hicks

Vince Hoffart

Amy Holmwood

Kathy Hysell

Shelly Jensen

Tiffany Jones

Yedi Koeshendi

Tim Kelly

William Kerr

Edward Leisher

Rich Lierly

Deirdre Lingenfelter

Barbie Long

Wade Luquet

Melanie & Jim

Sue & Stu McCarley

Andrea Minutoli

Melanie Moor

Marilyn Garry-Mulkeen

Ferdinand Neubauer

John Peters

Grace Peters

Jodi Quam-Johnson

Luca Revelli

Jody Rose

Michel Sabourin

Dianne Sass

John & Margaret Snyder

Stephen Spicer

Micheal Stock

Dorothy Stock

Dave Suico

Gretchen Swan

Angelina Tishner

Ilya Tsay

Bob Whiteaker

John Wisman

Apryl Uncapher

To the 12 Anonymous Donors who gave a total of $3,375 

A Big Thank you to you too!